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Single-Family Residential Development in DeKalb County, 1945-1970

Focused on suburban residential developments in DeKalb County, Georgia between the end of World War II and 1970 in order to better understand the transformation of the area after the Second World War. The resource includes data on national residential trends, architectural and landscape designs, as well as information on metropolitan Atlanta. The resource was created to support the effort to preserve local neighborhoods, buildings, and landmarks by providing the historic context in which they were created.

Date created

Spring 2010

GSU History 8700 Case Studies in Historic Preservation students Kimberly Burton, Susan Conger, Rebeccah Crawford, Elisa Graf, Paul Graham, Debye Harvey, Nathan Jordan, Courtney Lankford, Molly Letterman, Elizabeth Morris, Chris Mroczka, Maysyly Naolu, Zach Ray, Louis Rodriguez, Anthony Souther, David Westbrook, and Caitlin Zygmon; Faculty Advisor Richard Laub