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Decatur Northwest Residential Historic District

Prepared by the Spring of 2013 Case Studies in Historic Preservation class. The Decatur Northwest Residential area is an outstanding representation of early to mid-twentieth century revival house styles. The district has remained consistent to its historic twentieth century layout and context. This Historic District Information Form (HIDF) has been compiled in anticipation of its submission to the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office Review Board. Following approval, it would be sent to the National Parks service for The National Register of Historic Places.

GSU Students Christy Atkins, Tiara Banks, Rachel Barnhart, Rachel Bragg, Sam Carter, Xiaomeng Chi, Courtney Collins, Trey Crump, Adam Davis, Cynthia McKinney, Amber Rhea, Mallory Rich, George Rounds, Maggie Smith, Katie Sobeck, Brian Sosebee, and Julianne Steger; Faculty advisor: Richard Laub

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