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East Atlanta

Historic District Information Form authored and submitted by GSU Case Studies in Historic Preservation students, Spring 2017. Located partially in the City of Atlanta, DeKalb County and in unincorporated DeKalb County, East Atlanta is a good example of an evolving suburb. In the late 19th and early 20th century the area was an urban neighborhood that relied on the streetcar system and by World War II had evolved into an automobile-reliant suburban. Development progressed from a densely gridded street pattern in the northern portion indicating a traditional urban neighborhood to a curvilinear street pattern in the southern section indicating an automobile-centric suburb. The area includes at least three commercial nodes, a variety of historic houses and community and commercial buildings, a cemetery, a park, a Civil War monument, and five state historic markers.

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East Atlanta
GSU students Josh Curtis, Dana DeLessio, Blake Fortune, Cari Foster, Jana Futch, Phillipe Gonzalez, Marni Gordon, Aretha Hills, Dennis Lovello, Amber Ray, Stacy Rieke, and Sean Yates