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Atlanta Sit-Ins, 1961-1964

Beginning in 1960, the Atlanta sit-in movement took over the downtown area of the city. Follow this tour to see where student activists conducted their peaceful protests and sat down to stand up for what they believed in. You’ll learn about major players and events of the movement while visiting the actual sites where they happened. Historic photos and descriptions will help you see what the protestors saw and take you back to this time of energy and passion in Atlanta’s past. Created Spring 2019.

Faculty Advisor Marni Davis, Ph.D., for the Metropolitan Atlanta History course at Georgia State University; Contributing Authors Ryan Heazel, Curt Jackson, Joy Anna Dillard Appel, Ruth Elisabeth Stewart, Allison Wright, and Reshae D. Cooper: Continuity Editor: Allison Wright; Project Management/GIS Support: Curt Jackson.
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