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Veiled Visions: The 1906 Race Riot

Tells the story of the 1906 Race Riot, a three-day massacre that spread through Atlanta, starting downtown on Saturday, September 22 and ending with the arrest of hundreds of civilians on Tuesday, September 25. The tour, put together by undergraduate students in Georgia State University’s EPIC Project Lab, uses quotations from Veiled Visions: The 1906 Atlanta Race Riot and the Reshaping of American Race Relations by David Fort Godshalk (UNC Press, 2005), a book examining the long-last impact that the riot had on Atlanta and especially on its race relations. Law enforcement agents and government authorities failed dramatically to protect Atlanta’s marginalized and vulnerable citizens. Both the Atlanta Police Department and the Governor’s Mansion stood only a few minutes’ walk from Five Points, where the violence had erupted, yet the police and the governor failed to intervene significantly until lives had already been lost.

EPIC Project Lab students Pat Barrett, Dionne Clark, Alex Barnett, Aaliyah Brunson, and Chelsea Price; Faculty Advisors Drs. Sara Harwood and Brennan Collins

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