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Projects, collections, and data about the metro area produced by Georgia State University faculty, staff, and students working with and within their communities. More ...

Tracing a History of Atlanta’s Public Transit

Atlanta, originally named Terminus, has a profound history which is extensively intertwined with transit. This project visualizes how the city’s public transit system, now a shadow of what it once was, falls short of its far-reaching intentions. By highlighting the routes which have been proposed in the development of these systems, this project aims to contribute to larger discussions taking place around the topic of public transit in Atlanta. The displayed map layers were georeferenced from planning documents available through GSU’s Planning Atlanta collection. These historical, paper maps often served general planning purposes and therefore were not created with attention to precise geographical accuracy. While map layers represented here accurately reflect rail transportation routes displayed by planning documents, please be advised that the map layers accessible from this page have limited geographical accuracy and do not necessarily align with one another. 

Team of Student Innovation Fellows at Georgia State University working within the University Library's CURVE lab during the 2014-2015 academic year, including Shakib Ahmed, BS Computer Science, Wasfi Momen, BS Computer Science, Alexandra Orrego, BS Geosciences minor in Computer Science, Nicole Ryerson, MS Geosciences, and Amber Boll, MS Geosciences, under the direction of Joseph Hurley, Data Services and GIS Librarian

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