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The Art of Nursing & Caring for the Sick and Afflicted: The Grady School of Nursing Legacy

In commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the founding of the Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. The Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, chartered in 1898, was the first nursing school in Georgia and served as a cornerstone to the education and training of nurses in the region and across the United States. In 1917 the Municipal Training School for Colored Nurses at Grady was chartered, providing nursing education to black nursing students. These two programs were integrated in September 1964. During its tenure of 84 years, the School trained over 4,000 nurses as it grew and developed along with the field of nursing education.
Keywords: exhibits, collections, healthcare, higher education

Exhibit created by Kathleen LaPorte, graduate student in the School of Public Health, Georgia State University, and graduate assistant for the Southern Labor Archives, Special Collections and Archives, University Library. Thanks to Spencer Roberts, Digital Scholarship Librarian, for his guidance and assistance with the creation of the exhibit and Traci Drummond, archivist for the Southern Labor Archives

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